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Blasted Muggle Technologie..   
04:13pm 07/03/2003
mood: cranky
Do to circumstances vith dis blasted accunt, und advisable council, I huve been vorced to relocate meine journal.

I vas muttling abut vith vit last nacht und discovered thut wheneber I tried to log vin to dis, I kept gutting strange messages.. meine passvord vor sum such neinsence did nicht match. I swear das bluty thung stuck vits tongue uut vat me vat sum point vin time!

Avter getting aggrivated enuff to start typing jibberish die journal finally opened up und allowed me to write dis.. sadely enuff, I huve nein idea whut I typed.

Sowieso, Meine new journal cun be vound at countess

Now, I cun einly make assumptions upon whut hus happened, yet I believe sumein may huve cleverly placed a hex upon meine accunt. Is dis possible? I certainly do wunder..

Ach, but there vis nichts you cun do abut such thung such vas dis, ja? Well.. regardless, I huve posted die DADA lesson diere, und vam adjusting raddier nicely, iv I do say so mein selbts.

Dis journal vill be preserved vas a memorie von sorts vat die new journal. I do hope dis ein does nicht turn von me.. I wuld be most.. aggrivated to huve to do such alle ober agune!

Honestly.. Culd you blame me?

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Tensions und Teachings   
08:35pm 04/03/2003
mood: calm
Alracht, so.. althugh die stress und tension lebel hus been astronomically hoch. Howeber, vith so much going on ein rarely hus time to dwell upon such, ja?

Die DADA classes seem to be going vell enuff. Yesterday vas basically va question und answer session.. und today I vorked va bit vith die kinder on dier patroni. I vam impressed.

Tomorrow, howeber.. vill be a bit unique. ( Students, Be Ready! )

Howeber, I have van important meeting to haste to. Iv ein vished to seek me uut later I vill be inhabiting die librarie vor uutside bie die lake.

Best bundle uup, die veather vis gettung reminicent von Durmstrang. I huve had enuff von der lately vor die rest von meine live..

Gute Nacht.

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[ Private Entry - Schatten Erreichen Heraus ]   
10:59pm 28/02/2003
mood: contemplative
Byrði betri berrat maðr brautu at..Collapse )

How das proud must fall.

..Warum muß ich das eine sein, sie zu machen?

[ Private Notice von Attention to Provessor Snape, cc Faculty ]   
02:40pm 25/02/2003
mood: rushed

Provessor Snape,

Despite current personal situations I simply must alert you to this.

I do believe vrom this entry that sumthing vis quite amiss vith Mr. Lathander. He seems to be suvvering vrom eider hallucination vor.. I honestly cun nicht tell. He has gune utterly vrantic, und his babble makes no consequential sence.

I request upon reading this you make haste to das tover vas soon vas possible. He needs help.


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[ Semi-Private Entry - Nein.. Nein Nein Nein Nein NEIN! ]   
04:53am 24/02/2003
mood: hurt
[ Viewable to Blaize Zabini und Penelope Clearwater ]

.. V-Vas iv returning to Germany vas nicht chore enuff.. I cume back to vind Provessor Snape publically pointing his vinger vi-vithin meine direction vor vhatever nonsense has taken place v-vithin dies castle during meine absence. Und openly threatening, nein less!

Die audacity.. die lack von vaith.. d-die nerve!

Culd he honestly nicht see vall das vork I have dun to ensure safty, esp-especially vrom das shadows vithin times vike these vhen they vare v-vunerable to harboring unvanted invitees? Culd he generally believe I vam out to harm him das schul?

Das shadows, blutty nuisances! This vis vall their vault! I said vit bevore, u-und I vill say vit agune! THEY VA-

- Verdammt..

.. Vithin vall this chaos I-I think I must have kicked up sum d-dust vithin meine chambers vhen I slammed meine door.. ja.. th-that must be vit.

..Suddenly this room seems so big..

Sowieso, must tend to vit, ja? Cu-Cunnicht have anyvone think I have been crying.

Vhat va silly notion! Me? Cry?




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.. Ach. Meine. Gott.   
11:44pm 23/02/2003
mood: infuriated
What vin Merlin's name has occured?!

I cume back to Hogvarts to vind das schul vithin das shambles. I vill nicht comment upon mein voyage und trip.. vhy, this blows vit out von das vaters I traversed ober!

.. Ach, Hel .. I vam nicht going to beat abut das proverbial bush.


Dey vill nicht stop dieir constant whimpering und incessant BROODING ober sum breech vithin dier volds.. Nag, nag, bluty NAG. I vam nicht va mutter to these things, und now I have to provide some solace by hunting these two nameless phantoms down und delivering justice.

I intend upon doing so.

Nicht vonly to silence diem, but das audacity von das parties, yes, parties ( I know there vis more then ein von you! ) appauls me. Honestly, von ein vants to muttle abut vithin shadow magic, vhatever dey try to achieve - VIT DOES NICHT CUME OBER NACHT!

Yet, I do so svear von you turn yourselbts vin, I vill be leniant. Iv nicht..?

I dare nicht speak.

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Owl: Professor Snape's Eyes Only: Resent   
09:06am 18/02/2003
mood: aggravated
I vam assuming you did nicht get this, vas I had gotten nein responce to vit vor two days. Vis everything quite alright?

- Contesse

Private to Provessor Severus SnapeCollapse )

P.S..Collapse )

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Wer sich informierte sie daß ich war hier?!   
08:54pm 16/02/2003
mood: grumpy
I have recieved van ovl vrom Deutschland advising me that van old accuantance has taken ill, und I vam intreated to visit vor va handvul von days.

This distresses me, vas I did nicht vish to leave das schul vor vany reason again vor more then va nacht avter das Vorbidden Vorest incidents. However, vas I have some obligations, I vam vorced to indulge die sender und brievly take mein leave.

I have spoken to Headmaster Dumbledore already, und he has convirmed mein allovence.

I shall be leaving upon die 19th, und shall be arriving back upon die 23rd. I vill be out und about until then, busing mein selbts. Iv you have uny concerns vor questions you have been meaning to pose to me, die time to do vit wuld be bevore then, ja?

Now, iv you vill excuse me, I have matters envolving alkohol to deal vith.

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[ Private Entry - Connecting das Stars, Dot by Dot. ]   
06:58pm 15/02/2003
mood: busy
This has been quite das busy veek..

09th, Slip und SlideCollapse )

10th, RegretsCollapse )

11th, Three Blind MiceCollapse )

12th, Bore me MoreCollapse )

13th, PreparationCollapse )

14th, Valisblot: Pumpkin JuiceCollapse )

14th, Valisblot: Giving und RecievingCollapse )

14th, Valisblot: vithin die NachtCollapse )

15th, die Day AvterCollapse )

However, vas I have va detention to oversee that I must prepare things vor, I shall be taking mein leave. Perhaps das new veek vill bring hopefully tamer adventures. I avait die new dawn.

[ Private Entry - Haste, Contzel.. Haste. ]   
06:02pm 14/02/2003
mood: rushed
Must distribute these [ iv distributation needed ] vas quickly vas possible.. do nicht vant to be out und about vith such van insane plague running about das schul.

To Give vis to Forget, so Here comes die GiftsCollapse )


Valisblot ist zu viel Mühe.. Danken Sie Gott es ist nur einmal jährlich!
Tomorrow vis [sadly] Anudder Day   
11:39pm 13/02/2003
mood: moody
Vell, today vas.. interesting enuvv, even iv vit culd nicht marvel die vone bevore vit.

Instead ov mein normal duties, I vas assigned, upon recommendation ov Provessor Snape to attend Provessor Drachenstein's "Muggle Studies" class to vurthur mein knowledge ov them, due to mein lack ov.. exposure vor quite sum time. Despite mein misgivings, vit vas nicht too bad. She knew her subject matter vell enuff, und vas neutral to die point that nicht too many grimaces occurred bevore vits completion.

Vollowing this, I decided to catch up upon die journal entries written. Many va thing buzzing about das schul, und everyvone seems ever-so-enthralled vith "Tag Valentins".

[ Vhich, may I say, vin mein opinion, vis va cheap take upon "Valisblot". Must tradition alvays be so shamefully corrupted? Ach, die sounds ov va dieing age.. ]

How utterly sickening.

Vas vit vis so vastly approaching, I believe vit vis time to burn sum red roses und dig vinto that, vhat vas vit called.. mein 'tiramisu'. Va present to override die more leathal givt given earlier this veek..

[ Mein personal dankes to both ov those whom know ov either "givts". Equal appreciation vor distribution und revocation ov vone und die other.. ]

Hum, vat least I vound some solace und reprieve vrom that day ov vall days. But vhat cun I say about vit?

.. Sometimes you just cun nicht help yourselbts.

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[ PRIVATE: Professor Snape's Viewing Only ]   
02:18am 11/02/2003
mood: troubled

Provessor Snape,
Certain things have occurred vithin die past handvul ov days that I believe you should be avare ov. Some ov these I vithheld vhen virst notion ov their discovery. Through more then highly persuasive.. chidings, I must vadmit, I vam coming to you vith this.

I searched out second opinion bevore making notice ov this to you, vas vis implied, und vrom that vound vit best iv you be die vone I turn to. Honestly, I had mein misgivings und still do.

Iv possible, may va meeting be scheduled?

Do note I vill not stress urgency, vas nothing vill really change vithin van extended time lapse. I have taken mein precautions rather seriously vithin ensuring that. Nor vould vany unneeded dramatics quicken resolve. However, this must be attended to eventually. I do believe die sooner, die better.

Almost Apologetically,


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[ Semi-Private Entry: Balancing Act ]   
05:08am 10/02/2003
mood: frustrated
Partially Private Entry..
Filted for the additional viewing of:
Blaise Zabini; Penelope Clearwater

I believe I shall spin va tale ov sorts.. ov imagery, und ancient lore.. weaving mein live vinto vits pattern. Perhaps this meditational exercise shall put vitself to gute uses und vork to calming me vor once.

Ov Scales und ScorpionsCollapse )

Oh.. Pluto, Saturn, vhere vare you vhen I beseach you?

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Leben ist Wunderbar..!   
12:06pm 09/02/2003
mood: jubilant
Ach.. I veel so tired. But vin va gute vay. I vent to sleep abnormally late for mein selbts.. I do believe die sun may have actually raised bevore I turned vin. Mein entire body aches, I cun barely see straight, I veel lightheaded, und I cun barely catch mein breath.. but I do nicht even vancy caring!

Es Gefühl gute zu.. Lass gehen für einmal.

Sowieso, How could you vhen you vare vacing such va beautivul day vas today vis? Vhy, I cun think ov no better day then this! There vas yesterday ov course, wunderbar.. but this vill simply be va gute day! No, va great day!

Hum.. vhy do I have dis overvhelming urge to gag mein selbts vor even muttering halv ov that? Ach.. I vam making mein selbts sick.. und I think I vike vit!

I do nicht know vhat I shall do virst.. Perhaps va valk? Vor maybe brunch? How about playing mein bratsche? .. Then there vis alvays mein Kneazle und Ebenholtz to amuse.. und books to read.. clouds to count (hope mein eyes do nicht burn too badly, then again, who cares?!).. Ach Hel, I vill do them vall!

But since I intend upon doing ever so much today I should really get started! ..ja?

Mmm.. Did I mention I liebe you all?

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[ Private Entry - Saturn's Rings ]   
08:38pm 08/02/2003
mood: peaceful

Vit veels gute to be vithin schedule again.

Classes have continued vas usual, except das students have been rather vell behaved vithin Potions, und I vook vorward to such vin longevity.

I did happen to have va meeting ov sorts vith Professor Snape over die Verbotener Wald.. "accident", however, thus recalling die chaos to vhich seems so var now. I suppose I lack better term vor vit. Either vay, vas strange vas vit vas, I vas able to keep mein composure about me. Act calm, rational, und clear. I velt vas iv I owed him va sparing ov mein senseless dribble vor more vor less assisting vithin die saving ov mein circulation. He vas die vone who carried me so gently, after vall.

Die assumed questions vhere asked: Vhat vas I really vas doing vithin die Verbotener Wald? Vhat did I do to those poor [hah!] centaurs? Mein relations vith Blaize..? Vall came up, vas I figured they vould. Vit vas obvious das questions vhere von die tip ov his tongue vrom die moment I had seen him avter being released vrom Frau Pomfrud's care.

I answered them, for die most part, quite honestly. I made mein appeals und defenses vithin van orderly fashion. He showed me that lovely smile ov his upon va handful ov occasions. Vall und vall, truth und va placid exterior pays ovv vithin tense situations. This approach has yet to fail me since I began vits trial. Ich bin zufrieden.. for now.

As I said then, "Time changes everything". Wir agreed.

Tonacht Saturn und die Moon shall be vithin va battle. Vrom mein prediction, die Moon shall falter und be concealed. Ve shall see, perhaps vit vill surprise me, vas many things have, und conquer vits darkness. Vone must see.

Und I intend upon doing so. Nein, I do neint think I vill stray ovv vinto die Wald this time. Die lake seems so much more promising.. I cun vatch das stars dance vith their revlections. Ach, who says I vam not va romantic vat heart?

..Besides meinselbts.

Perhaps iv I haste I vill be able to vit vin some time alone among das vaters.. I have longed to take up mein Liebes-Bratche und sing to the celestial vorms again. I need die calming atmosphere.. I vam too concerned vith being spied upon, however. Vit vis va terrible embarrassment to have anyone listen to me play. I do neint care how gute I may be, vhat I tell das stars und vhat I tell meinselbts vare two completely divverent things. None should dare disturb that!

I did make mention ov this night to Provessor Snape, though. I believe he may come out vithin his own time to take va look vat das nacht. Thus, vit really isn't va gute idea.. but..

Nur dieses Einmal.

[ Private to Blaise Zabini and Professor Snape ]   
03:23pm 07/02/2003
mood: nostalgic

Lieb Provessor Snape und Mr. Zabini,
I never really did dank das two ov you properly vor vhat you did concerning die Vorbidden Vorest. I suppose that may make me seem ungrateful, vhich I vam anything but. I owe das two ov you dearly, und vam vin your debt. Iv vit vas not for being vound, I may not have made vit back to Hogvarts.

I vam not die best vat expressing this type ov emotion, vas you cun tell, so I do hope you bore vith me und understand that vit really meant valot to me vor die both ov you to come looking (even iv you vhere tracking Mr. Zabini, Provessor). Das only vother thing I cun really think ov saying vis.. Vielen Danke.


For Provessor Snape' Eyes OnlyCollapse )

For Blaize' Eyes OnlyCollapse )

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Safe Return   
09:42pm 05/02/2003
mood: sore
Due to das evvorts ov two undeniable gentle men, I have been reinstated vinto die establishment, vor die most part, safely.

After many va rather.. vigorous treatment, Frau Pomfrey has assured me that I vam now vell enough to return to mein current position vas Teacher's Aide. I vam sure vith enough rest I vill be up to complete par aguine vithin no time vat vall.

I danke each und every vone ov you vor your concern vithin die matter und I shall be pleased to see you vall again during tomorrows clusses.

Vurther more, I do apologize vor vany inconvenience I may have brought upon anyvones person. Vi vas unintentional, I assure you.

Gratuitously Yours,

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[ Private Entry - Ich denke, daß Gott erklären kann.. ]   
12:00pm 01/02/2003
mood: anxious
I dare not speak von geheimnissen..Collapse )

I go now to sink va last toast to this mitternacht sky.. und pray das stars vill guide me.

Wenn ich sterbe, bevor ich aufwecke..   
11:47am 31/01/2003
mood: shocked
.. Ich bete den Lord meine Seele, zu nehmen.

Vhat I just have vitnessed amazes me.. und chills me to die bone.. und yet I vas not even there. I took no part.. I saw but va vlash.. yet.. Vone moment you vare standing.. das next..

Das next you vind yourselv met vith die vorlds sorrows.. regrets.. pessimism und hatred.. vall concealed und oozing vrom vone simple image.. vrom vone solitary person.. vor thing..

How cun va blur make even mein skin pale..?

Ach.. I need to get out.. I need to be able to breath avay vrom these shadows..

I.. believe I shall move to take va stroll about das grounds.. see iv die nacht air cun clear mein ailing mind. There vas va rather curious tree I noticed upon mein last valk that I vanted to observe va tinge closer.. per chance I vill be able to tonight.

Ja.. I believe I vill do just that..

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[ Private Entry - Weighing das Scales ov Mein current Life ]   
08:51am 30/01/2003
mood: bitchy
Von vone hand..Collapse )

Conclusion: I need more vodka.</i>